Rolling Thunder Conversions started because of the demand for a customized, high quality living quarter conversion. We are RVIA certified.  Our experience comes from a combined 50 years in the sales and RV manufacturing industry. Using quality brand name products installed to the manufactures specifications to insure safe, dependable and maximum performance out of each product, we custom design a living quarter to fit our customer's needs. 

 Every conversion starts out with R-5.0 foamular insulation on the walls, ceiling and floor. The floor and ceiling are furred out using common 2"x 2" studs; the walls are done with 1"x 2" common pine. This is done because of the difference in the expansion rate of the wood and the aluminum in the hot and the cold weather. The wiring is installed to code specifications and routed through the unit with consideration taken to the type of roads that most trailers are subjected to.

 The wall and ceiling are covered with mahogany luan and overlaid using alante with solid wood molding and trim. From 4-8" down the wall to the floor we use 1/4" wood veneer. The cabinets are custom designed for each conversion using a variety of woods. Oak, birch, mahogany, and hickory are some of the common choices.  Water supply and holding tanks are custom ordered depending on space and customers needs.  Maximum capacity tanks are generally used.

 From the kitchen to the bathroom the customer can be involved in the size and accommodations they need.  From a 5' weekender with just the necessities to a larger unit with all the luxuries of home, we can convert your trailer or we can custom order you one with all your needs in mind.


Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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